To access PRO membership content such as the JBAR Cafe', HeadsUP!, Long-Bond Yield Curve Timer and CANSLIM candidates, you need a separate password to the standard password used to protect content on this web site.


1. Most likely you mistyped your password. Hit the back-button on your browser to try again. Make sure you are using your PRO password and not your standard PowerStocks Credentials password (they are different.) Make sure your CAPS-LOCK key is off as the passwords need to be lower case.

2. If you were directed here without even seeing a PRO login prompt or dialogue box asking you for your PRO password then your Explorer instance is being overzealous with its security and due to a bug is failing to show you the information bar to allow you to accept a prompt box from our website. There are two options to resolve this problem:

This is but one of the "quirks" we have with Internet Explorer. For this reason we recommend subscribers use the free Mozilla Firefox for our web site (its only 7.5Mb and is a much better/faster browser anyway). The free Google Chrome browser works well on our site and is also incredibly quick. Apple's Safari also works well but not as quick as the other two. All three these browsers implement the PRO password in a far neater and secure fashion, as well as resolve another quirk  with Explorer with regards to downloading of JBAR files. Even if you just use these browsers for our site alone it is worth it.

Open Internet Explorer then select TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > SECURITY
Click the “Custom Level” button, then scroll window all the way to the bottom

Set "Active scripting" to ENABLE

Set  “Allow websites to prompt for information with scripted windows” to ENABLE
Click OK > Click YES to the "Are you sure.." prompt > Click APPLY > Click OK
Close browser, then re-start it and try access the PRO content again.

Note that ideally you would want to perform the above setting in a TRUSTED ZONE and then add our website to that trusted zone, but a bug in Explorer means this does not work the way it is supposed to. If you are concerned with allowing the above setting we recommend you try the first solution and use FireFox or Chrome.

3. It is also possible you only have a STANDARD subscription. To upgrade your account to PRO, simply take the pro-rata balance of your contract and put it forward to a brand new PRO contract by filling in a new subscription application form.

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