JBAR data is posted at the JBAR Cafe' (in the MEMBERS menu) and will be posted on Tuesdays (reflecting up to Mondays trading) and Thursdays (reflecting up to Wednesdays closing trades) and Mondays (reflecting up to previous Friday's trading). The Weekly JSE Pulse (WJP) which is also available from the MEMBERS menu, is published on Mondays for both STANDARD and PRO subscribers and has a link to the previous Friday's JBAR data at the top of the page as shown below:

This means PRO subscribers get JSE breadth data for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. STANDARD subscribers get breadth data for Fridays only, from within WJP.

JBAR has no commentary, the investor must interpret what he/she is seeing them-self. Of course, all the JBAR charts are extensively commented on by our analysts in the WJP on a weekly basis, so every weekly WJP is literally a lesson on the ways of JBAR. Go through the JBAR Interpretation Tutorial to train yourself on reading and using JBAR. There is a free demo JBAR Report in a link in the next section, just read how to download and open it first. The best way to learn about the JBAR charts is to follow a few editions of WJP and read our commentary on the charts.

JBAR is published as a 450Kb Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet. You cannot view it with older versions of Excel such as Excel 2003 as it uses special formatting and charting. By using Excel we cut down on the file size and offer crisp high resolution charts which you can zoom in/out for closer inspection.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you do not have the latest Excel 2007 (e.g. you only have Excel 2003) then you can view JBAR by downloading Microsoft's free Excel Viewer from their website over HERE. It is 75Mb in size.

If you are a subscriber to our services, then go to the MEMBERS main menu and click on the link that jumps to the JBAR Cafe'. Once there, scroll down to Section-C "JBAR Reports" as depicted below:

Just right-click on the date and choose SAVE-AS or alternatively, just click on the date to open the spreadsheet directly into Excel or the Excel viewer in your browser.

NOTE : Some subscribers' Internet Explorer programs, for some strange reason, insist on seeing the file as a ZIP file when downloading to save and this will not work when you try and open it. If this happens, change the ".ZIP" at the end of the file name in the SAVE-AS dialogue box to ".XLSX", or alternatively, once you have downloaded the file change its extension to ".XLSX" This should now result in a file that is readable by Excel 2007 or the free Excel Viewer. If this additional step irritates you, try using the free Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers which work much better on our site.

The JBAR report has a lot of charts and embedded images and as a result Excel can take a while to render all the graphics and construct all the charts. You may notice that the sheet will "freeze" when you scroll it but after Excel has cached all the data as you scroll down the sheet, these delays will subside. To assist with viewing performance it is best to ensure you have no other large spreadsheets or documents open when viewing JBAR.

You may use the Excel zoom commands to zoom in and out of charts if you want to dive into more granular detail on some complex charts.

JBAR has two sub-sheets as depicted below. The TRADING TIMERS sheet is for PRO subscribers only and has all the SwingTrader indicators as well as our powerful BITS-45, BITS-41, BITS-ST and BITS-MT, STORM and QUANTUM3 timing signals.

GO ON AND TRY IT : Demo JBAR file --> JBAR (Old, non-PRO version) Download Link
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