Our timing signal products that are based on breadth data stretch back 12-13 years. Many experts believe this is recent enough to be still relevant and long enough to be statistically relevant (it includes two boom and bust cycles.) Our SUPERModel signals and all its underlying component  go back 32 years.

1. Twelve Years of  SwissClock-I Timing Signals (click for larger version)

2. Fourteen years of BITS-41 Breadth Impulse Trading Signals  (click for larger version)

3. Twelve years of BPI Bullish Percentage Index Trading Signals (click for larger version)

4. Thirty two years of SUPERModel-I timing signals

5. Thirty two years of SUPERModel-II timing signals

6. Thirty one years of Monetary Policy Indicator (MPI) Timing Signals

7. Thirty three years of Trendex/Coppock Curve

8. Thirty three years comparison of Trendex and MPI Signals (click for larger version)

9. Thirty three years of ECONOMETRIX timing signals (red is ALSH, blue is signal)

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