Powerstocks has teamed up with Sanlam iTrade, one of South Africa’s leading full service on-line trading sites, to offer clients the benefit of both services at reduced costs until end May 2010.

Existing PowerStocks PRO subscribers can trade on-line with no monthly fees for six months and get 50% discount off an optional iTradePro subscription, with access to unlimited live prices including automatic refreshing, if they register a new iTrade on-line trading account before the end of May.

In addition, existing Sanlam iTrade customers can get R1,000 discount off a PowerStocks PRO annual subscription which normally retails for R3,299.

If you are not an existing iTrade or PowerStocks PRO subscriber, you may exploit both the above offers by opening an iTrade account and signing up for a PowerStocks PRO subscription.

Sanlam iTrade is a full-service on-line stockbroker with extremely competitive costs. It is set apart from other on-line trading sites because:
  1. It provides MAPS, a unique tool in SA to view a lot of information on one page, like satellite navigation for shares.
  2. It provides technical/fundamental research from Sanlam Private Investments, Intellidex & Deutsche Bank.
  3. You get R1,000 discount off the amazing PowerStocks PRO subscription.
  4. It delivers a daily markets overview (with extracts from Morning Digest and Midday Wrap).
  5. It provides share data including 10 years of financial statements on every listed company.
  6. It provides a comprehensive charting tool with MACD, Stochastics, RSI, etc; on all shares, Indices, currencies, commodities, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, etc.
  7. iTrade has a learning centre both for beginners and serious analysts with modules on how to analyse the macro economy and shares, technical analyses and information gathering on warrants, share instalments and futures.
For more information on Sanlam iTrade, please visit  www.sanlamitrade.co.za and click on “New Clients” to view “What does it cost?” and “Website Demo”.

For more information on PowerStocks Research and to download a copy of our membership application form, please visit "Details of our investment/trading advisory services".


1. Discounted PowerStocks subscription only applies to new 12-month PRO subscriptions

2. Free iTrade 6 months and 50% iTradePro discount only applies to new iTrade subscriptions

3. You can exploit both offers by opening a new iTrade and a new PowerStocks subscription

4. Existing PowerStocks STANDARD subscribers can avail themselves of the offers by upgrading their STANDARD contracts to 12 month PRO contracts and signing up with iTrade.

5. You must select "PowerStocks Research" in the "where did you hear from us" section when opening your new iTrade account, in order to get the free 6 months and optional iTradePro 50% discount.

6. You must provide first 6 digits of your iTrade account number on the PowerStocks Membership Application form to qualify for the R1,000 PowerStocks PRO discount

7. Sanlam iTrade and PowerStocks research will verify your details with each other before approving the applications and necessary discounts/offers.

8. Special offers expire on last business day of May 2010.

9. Offer excludes investment professionals managing funds/accounts on behalf of others.
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