We subscribe to the time-tested investing methodologies of the industry greats, such as Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Martin Zweig, O'Shaugnessy, William J O'Neil and many others. We research their works extensively as well as tests of their methodolgies and systems performed on overseas markets. Using our powerful JSE analysis software, and data going back 20 years, we then check to see how well these strategies performed historically on the JSE. Systems showing the most effective historical performance are then tracked on a daily or weekly basis and posted to our various Portfolio Blogs.
This kind of research is very well published and available for the US markets, but very few markets outside the US. We are not comfortable picking strategies that seem to work on the US and use them on the JSE, as the JSE is a very different animal. Its a tenth of the size of the US markets for starters (400 shares versus 7,000). The sector mix is also very different (we are resources heavy versus the U.S which is technology/Industrial heavy). On the JSE, very few shares are chased by a closed group of fund managers and the general public has not yet taken charge of their own investments as the US has. And of course our countries and cultures are very, very different.
We track Value, Growth and Momentum investment strategies. Right now, our focus is on Value as we feel that in a Bear market this is where your current opportunity lies. This focuses on seeking out stocks of companies that are financially sound, well run, leaders or possible leaders in their segments, resilient in the face of downturns and above all properly valued or even undervalued. These stocks will exhibit superior growth during and after the downturn and getting them cheap gives you large "buffers of safety" after being purchased to make your investment virtually indestructible.

These are the South African PowerStocks - solid, powerful and virtually guaranteed to significantly outperform the market over a period of 3-5 years, and best of all going for a song. We will demonstrate the use of quantitative analysis, never before seen in South Africa to compare stocks for selection. In short the methods we will introduce are completely new to South Africa and are going to rivet you to your seat and your screen.

To be clear, we are not speculators nor financial advisers or brokers. We merely offer the DIY Investor unique never-before-seen tools and analysis tailored for medium to long term investment on the JSE and ALT-X. We built these methodologies and tools out of necessity for ourselves, since although most of them may exist for the US markets and investment public, nothing like it is available for the South African public.
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