PowerStocks membership subscriptions are either STANDARD or PRO. You can read up on the prices and differences between STANDARD and PRO contracts over HERE.

Whilst there are a lot of public pages on our web site, we protect the bulk of our premium subscription content with PowerStocks Credentials which are a User-name and Password pair which you will be asked to enter to view protected content (usually depicted by green menu links.)

Both STANDARD and PRO subscribers are issued PowerStocks Credentials (user-name and password) and a login prompt for these credentials will be issued ONCE PER SESSION and look like the image below, before you will be permitted access.

In addition to the PowerStocks Credentials, there is an extra PRO password required for content such as that provided in the JBAR Download Cafe, the HeadsUP! Alerts Blog, the CANSLIM share candidates and so forth.  PRO content thus requires PowerStocks Credentials as well as your PRO password.

Protected content always asks for your PowerStocks Credentials first. After you have entered your PowerStocks Credentials, and you are trying to view PRO content, then another prompt for your PRO password will appear like that shown below:

The above example is from Internet Explorer and the prompt box will normally appear in the top left hand corner of your browser window (not in the middle of the page as we have shown here.) Mozilla Firefox will appear with a PRO challenge as shown below (this time in the middle of the page and with a much neater prompt - its such a better browser!):

You can now enter your PRO password (different to your PowerStocks Credentials password) to view PRO content. Unlike the PowerStocks Credentials, you will have to do this every time you wish to view PRO content, even within the same session.

If you have already entered your PowerStocks Credentials to view some protected, non-PRO content and then try to view some PRO content then you will only be prompted for your PRO password, as you only need to enter PowerStocks credentials once per browsing session.

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