From time to time we receive encouragement and suggestions from our clientèle which we publish here verbatim (including spelling mistakes!) Surnames are left out to protect privacy.

Ettienne - Johannesburg (full time trader for 10 years) 28/11/2011
I am ‘astounded’ by the academic approach and level of information you guys come up with.
In the medium term future I shall be building an investment portfolio with the help of Powerstocks but currently need all my capital to “trade” – and thank you, I am doing VERY well with Ultra. Since using Ultra I have grown my account after my monthly salary/drawings by quite a lot, where previously I only managed to draw my income and revert back to original capital.Of significant interest in your Powerstocks services is the US recession model and the depth of info that goes in to it. As you know, the backdrop or ‘market type/condition’ determines the strategy and system that needs to be followed, so very important info – thanks.

James - Port Elizabeth 01/11/2011
The amount of QUALITY investment and trading data received from PowerStocks is absolutely fantastic. Ultra is going from strength to strength and surely going to become the benchmark for short term trading in the industry. I just want to express my appreciation to the PowerStock team for a job well done.

Roy - Ferndale 21/10/2011
Congrats & well done, The Team. For me this is one of the most informative emails I have received from you for a long time.  Showing an end effect to your previous advice is priceless! I will guess I am like many of your customers – a novice in learning – so please continue to provide your suggested picks.  By doing so you help us to focus on the why you picked them and, probably the bottom line, you help us become better at making a profit from our investment in your products.

Lesley - Umhlanga  16/02/2011
Just wanted to say how I am LOVING your service.  Absolutely fantastic.  I'm a baby trader, but I can see that what you offer is WAY above what anyone else does in SA. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, I am enormously impressed.  Keep telling everyone how amazing Powerstocks is.

Elana - Centurion 28/07/2010

I registered for your service over the prior weekend and was activated by Monday morning. Having now read (but not yet absorbed) most of the data on the your Web portal, I have only one response. Superb, quality and service delivery. The content is “world-class” and the writing succinct, to the point, conversational and easily digestible. I am pleased I have subscribed to your excellent service, which is both informative and educational. Well done! The quality and depth of data research and interpretation far surpasses any other equities trading (investing) service for the non-professional trader.
Over the past years I have subscribed to a number of technical and fundamental newsletters and communication services. None come up to the standard you have established. I will in all probability only retain one of these ‘letters’ and discontinue the other two, thereby easily recouping the cost of your subscription.

Mike - Lonehill 28/05/2010
This is the most professional and best service (and system) I have invested in. Your knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm has been refreshing, educational and beneficial. I have really got back into managing my portfolio with discipline, vigour and attention. I have been able to, and will continue to rebalance my portfolio (I still have some dogs and losses) to get it to a healthy state. Current subscriptions to various “Letters” and “Updates” will be allowed to lapse when their subscription runs out.
I am pleased to see the things I read about in Van Tharp’s and Alex Elder’s books are being used by you and it has helped me fully grasp the techniques. As a full time business professional, I do not have the time to really get into the details and discipline required – Your service has filled the void – Well done.

Morne - Centurion 10/03/2010
This is BRILLIANT! After reading the “How to” on the new sub-sector breadth reports I was filled with joy. You oaks always seem to “pull a rabbit out of the hat” Will you be sending alerts for the individual sectors and what instruments you are playing?

RM - Cape Town 19/11/2009
Thanks Dave 20.8% on TOPSKB with SwingTrade Joaquin
IN: (day after you – was the next morning missed the 54c)
55% @ 57c – 10/11 (1st trade)
45% @ 56 – 10/11 (2nd trade) OUT:
20% @ 67 – 17/11
30% @ 69 – 17/11
25% @70 – 18/11
12.5% @ 71 – 18/11
12.5% @ 66 – 19/11
Delighted thank you very much! 

Mark - Pretoria 30/10/2009
I'm glued to Bloomberg watching the Dow fall like a stone. I have to say that I recently sold based on your research and even when I saw the crazy upward surge the other night I still agreed with you that downside risk looked too dangerous. Now I  am smiling with you and George Soros because our much needed correction has arrived. If this commercial crash is for real were going to eating out the trough like never before. You ratio of correct calls is getting really good :)

Jonathan - Cape Town 28/09/2009
I want to thank you for posting these warnings early on thus allowing one to make decisions on the given day instead of the following day. Often when you have to make your move the following day, the JSE (by opening time) has already moved before I can get out or in etc. I know it must be a challenge for you making these big decisions and I wanted to say your early warnings make all the difference to me. Shhhhot!!

James - Durban 18/09/2009
Thanks for the great products. Keep up the great work!!! That last TroughFinder signal was a beaut!

Grant - Cape Town 09/09/2009
"I must say your research is bringing a sense of meaning to the market that I am not accustomed to. The market has always been a scary and unpredictable force to me. Going long on good value companies seemed to be the only suitable option to me in the past. I cannot tell you how many blue chips I purchased in the past that went through months of poor performance before I realised any gains. This has always been a painful process. However your work is opening new doors to me and different methods to unlock value in the JSE. I have never felt more excited about investing in the market than now. "

Francois - Johannesburg 08/09/2009
"This website is like a lucky packet! And I don't mean that in a bad way. Everyday I find a new page on the website that I have missed. Heng of a lot of info to take in, but I make it a habit to study 1 strategy per month. My strategy this month is the SwissClock. I didn't have a clue what you were talking about, till I stumbled on a line in "Techniques for reducing strategy risk". Interesting reading, but the piece that caught my eye was a line that stated the following: "apart from SwissClock which you trade with ETFs or TOP40 warrants/futures"

Brian - Johannesburg 28/08/2009
"Just to tell you that I think you guys are doing a fantastic job.
I like your scientific style and lack of hype !!! Best wishes for the future."

Trend - ShareChat Message Board  28/06/2009
Thank you, I got the username and password.
I just want to say that I really appreciate your sharing of knowledge and trading strategies. I have been searching for some sort of site like yours aimed at the JSE. Iv found some amazing websites for US stocks to do power searches and so on but SA doesn't have much to offer.Really nice to see how the various trading strategies do especially with the SA market. Havnt got very far yet with reading through your site, but first impression is that it's fantastic.Please keep it up, I look forward to your further research. Need an apprentice? wish I could learn first hand from u as I am extremely interested in your analysis and testing to find which systems work best.
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