It's official - The Weekly JSE Pulse (WJP)  is our most popular web page. This weekly updated information service gives you all the important information regarding overall JSE Direction on a single page.

Here you can see the latest Trendex Curve with associated BUY/SELL signals, Market Breadth (Advance Decline)  and strength charts, timing signals given by monetary market conditions, any seasonality trends likely to affect the JSE, important chart patterns and formations, and any special situations that have arisen to be capitalised on (key thresholds having being met that historicaly provided high probability of short term returns)

And the latest addition to WJP is our proud addition of the highly respected McClellan JSE Oscillator and McClellan JSE Summation Index. All traditionaly UNAVAILABLE to the private investor.

Loved by those that trade ALSH ETF's such as SATRIX but just as important to any investor considering the purchase of individual shares to ensure "the trend is his friend." The perfect risk reduction companion for the JSE investor.

WJP is only available to PowerStocks subscribers. Email for consideration for an annual subscription. The price is R2,399 per annum (R199 per month, payable in advance by EFT)