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HeadsUP Blog formed

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, September 7, 2009, In : New Blog 
To streamline the issuance of daily alerts to subscribers we have created the HeadsUP Alerts Blog. This will replace the current system of email alerts.

HeadsUP will contain alerts for TroughFinder, Piotroski additions/ejection events based on company results being announced, SwissClock DEFCON alerts and SUPERModel signal changes.
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Rebound Blog Launched

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Sunday, July 12, 2009, In : New Blog 
It would appear our subscribers have more of a risk appetite than we imagined. There has been huge interest in the "Crash Peak Recovery" rebound strategy (and huge profits as the performance charts show) and due to the many requests from subscribers wanting more granular updates and commentary on this strategy we have had to create a home for it in the new "On the Rebound" strategy blog (available to paid subscribers only).

We think the timing is good for incepting a new rebound model portfoli...
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