After months of extensive data mining and reworking our systems we are proud to announce another ground-breaking first for the SA investing public, namely the launch of detailed UP/DOWN Volume Market Breadth indicators and Lowry's 90% day indicators.

This extends the already powerful use we make of Advance/Decline data and coupled together provides with academically accepted high-accuracy for predicting market bottoms, reversals, strength of supply and demand and possible surges in the market.

This is our most sophisticated and powerful set of market breadth tools yet and will offer PowerStocks subscribers unparalleled intelligence for minimising their trade risk and maximising returns. We have just completed two detailed research papers on the use and effectiveness of these tools on the JSE, together with the profitable trades they would have allowed a subscriber to capitalise on, over here : Up/Down Volume, Lowry's 90% days and Demand/Supply and Buying Demand and Selling Pressure